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I’m okay missing out on $2,500 worth of extra writing
coaching and support for 90% off.
I’m ready to get to work and have extra support, one-on-one coaching,
and even more resources to get my book done!
Hello and welcome to the Transformational Author Experience… my brand new 1-day virtual event coming up October 8th! I'm your host Christine Kloser, and I’m excited to welcome you here! 

Registering for this event speaks volumes about your desire and commitment to break through creative blocks, write your book, and become the successful transformational author you were born to be. And after 16 years of coaching and publishing authors, I understand the level of commitment required to turn your book idea into a published reality.  

That’s why I want to give you an even higher level of support… so I have an incredible bonus to share with you.

If you’ve made it this far I know you’ve been thinking about writing your book for some time.  

And now more than ever, the world needs to hear YOUR message. 

I want you to have not just the support, but also the tools and resources you need, AND the live coaching to make your book come to life. 

I’m inviting only the most serious authors to join me as a Platinum member for the Transformational Author Experience.    

So let me tell you about all the extra support you’ll get when you say YES to this Platinum Pass invitation.

That means you’ll get...
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of the event. Trust me, you’ll want these recordings in case you miss any portion of the live training. And perhaps more importantly is the value of listening again and again to continue getting breakthroughs for yourself and your book. If you’re ever read a book and learned something different when you read it the second time, you know exactly what I’m talking about.
  • A customized “swag box” that I’ll be mailing to your doorstep… full of items to help you get the most from the event, and beyond. 
  • Lifetime access to my “Prime Your Mind for Writing” tool to help you unlock a whole new level of creativity and clarity so your writing will easily flow!. This is my scientifically-backed mindset technology carefully crafted to get you over any writer’s block faster..
  • A $1000 ticket to my Fall 2021 3-day in person event. I’ve been hosting this since 2013 (until COVID hit)… and it’s been praised for years as THE most life-changing and impactful event attendees ever experienced. 
  • A $500 credit toward my award-winning Get Your Book Done program, OR our book publishing service… both of which help authors liberate their message, write their books and leave a legacy that makes a difference in the world. 
  • Access to my private fireside chat where you can ask questions and have the chance to get live one-on-one coaching with me after the main training is over on October 8th. You’ll get the chance to dive deeper into the book writing process, how to publish your book, overcoming challenges along the way, and much more! And of course, you’ll get lifetime access to this exclusive session too!
When you join me as a Platinum Member today, you’ll get more than $2,500 of value… but you won’t pay ANYTHING near that price!

Because you can become a Platinum Member for just $197....

That's just $197 to get access to EVERYTHING you see here to help you start and complete your transformational book journey! 

The most powerful decision you could make right now is to give yourself the gift of this extra level of support.   

You and your book deserve it.

I’ve made the Platinum pass as affordable as possible so nearly any serious author can take advantage of it!

You’ll want to click the purchase button below now.   

I can’t wait to see you on October 8th!     
I’m okay missing out on $2,500 worth of extra writing
coaching and support for 90% off.
I’m ready to get to work and have extra support, one-on-one coaching,
and even more resources to get my book done!
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